Self-Portrait With Friends (i fannulloni)

I'm happy to share with you my new project.

It's called "Self-Portrait With Friends (i fannulloni)"

and it follows another project from 2008, "Self-Portrait With Dog".

Yes, it happened again !!!

There is something weird within these Google Street Views, something I've never noticed. It seems that I'm gone from the previous spot:

while I'm still visible if you access the same section from the art
project. And you can browse it of course.

So, it's like Google is keeping Street View mappings from previous
years, but it shows only the latest one except you have an old address, like mine pointing to "self portrait with dog".

Are they working on a sort of Street View Time Machine to let the
people experience the world through older landscapes?

Anyone knows more about this?

Stay honest,

Carlo Zanni