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Huis Clos / No Exit – Remediating the Social

  • Location:
    Online and Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, GB

Huis Clos / No Exit performance
First public Preparation session : 25 October 6pm GMT (find you local time)
With Annie Abrahams, Ruth Catlow, Ursula Endlicher, Nicolas Frespech and Igor Stromajer.

Open to alll online

Via huisclos.mosaika.tv you can see us and comment, do suggestions in a chatwindow.

Huis Clos / No Exit is a performance series made for Remediating the Social – ELMCIP conference Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, in collaboration with New Media Scotland and University College Falmouth

The project is a follow-up of Huis Clos / No Exit – On Translation presented on 29/05/2010 at NIMk in Amsterdam.

Three public preparation sessions / Three performances

Preparation 1 : 25 October 6pm GMT
Preparation 2 : 2 November 2pm GMT
Preparation 3 : 3 November 2pm GMT

Performances :
1 November 8pm GMT
Edinburgh College of Art
free entrance without reservation
2 and 3 November 3.30pm GMT
Edinburgh College of Art
free entrance without reservation

streaming interface Ivan Chabanaud mosaika.tv
technical assistance Jan de Weille

More information: bram.org/huisclos/beyond


Annie Abrahams Oct. 24 2012 05:56Reply

the preparation as performance