Hyperdentity @ Art in Odd Places

  • Location:
    Art in Odd Places, 14th Street, Manhattan, New York, New York, 10001, US


Art in Odd Places: Hyperdentity
5 - 14 October 8-9pm

Keep a close eye on 14th Street this week: As part of the annual Art in Odd Places Festival more than 100 artists will stage projects across the busy thoroughfare. We picked 5 of the best to watch out for:

Follow @hyperdentity to find Georgie roxby Smith's six computer generated talking portraits projected onto building walls, subway entrances and alleys along 14th st. Begging onlookers to "Like Me", "Friend Me", Tag Me" and "Follow Me", each portrait speaks to our search for public validation through social media.
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Employing three-dimensional computer graphics, networked spaces, live performance, installation and projection Georgia Roxby Smith explores the increasingly blurred border between materiality, reality, virtuality and fantasy in contemporary culture.