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Where Did Everybody Go?

  • Location:
    Woolfson & Tay, Bermondsey Square, London, SE1 3UN, GB

In association with the ‘Adrift’ exhibition, Gasket are delighted to have the opportunity to host a panel discussion featuring a number of the exhibiting artists.

Modern cities are increasingly depicted as vacant dystopian spaces, is it time to bring people back into how we photograph our cities?

The visual history of urban photography is filled with iconic images of people; a man leaps a puddle, a small boy holds a toy grenade in central park, people sunbake in the shade of a digger. Despite this strong and continuing tradition of photographing people in the street, there also appears to be a growing trend towards depicting cities and spaces of absence. Projects relating to people seem to be becoming more intimate, more personal, disappearing behind closed doors to show what happens inside. Conversely, the spaces within our cities are projected as unoccupied, as though everyone has just departed or perhaps were never there to begin with. We’re photographing empty carparks, abandoned buildings and vacant building sites. Is this a result of growing feelings of alienation or remoteness within the city? Are people living less of their lives in the public domain? Where did everybody go?

This panel will invite artists and academics to discuss how their work engages with ideas about people and the city and whether there is an increasing divide between depictions of spaces and their inhabitants

Particpating artists are; Manuel Vazquez, David Kendall and Simon Rowe, with further guests to be confirmed closer to the event.

Tickets are £5 and can be bought here;

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