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Digital Aesthetic³ Conference

  • Location:
    University of Central Lancashire, Greenbank Lecture Theatre, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2HE, GB

Digital Aesthetic³ 2012 will include a two-day conference featuring special presentations by a diverse range of invited international artists, curators and academics. The conference, which will take place over two days on Friday Oct 5th and Saturday Oct 6th will be held at the University of Central Lancashire and will be jointly chaired by Sean Cubitt, Professor of Film and Television Studies, Goldsmith’s College, London and Dr Sarah Cook of CRUMB (Curatorial Research for Upstart Media Bliss), University of Sunderland.

Join Arthur Elsenaar (Netherlands) for electronic facial hacking, Takahiko Iimura (Japan) for an interactive experience of learning Japanese wrongly, and Ruth Catlow (UK) on being social, multiple, and digital.

Further speakers and performers include: Arthur Elsenaar (Netherlands), Ruth Catlow (UK), Terry Flaxton (UK), Maria Chatzichristodoulou (UK/Greece), Peter Callas (Aus), Takahiko Iimura (Japan), Alexa Wright (UK), Lindsay Taylor (UK), Beryl Graham (UK), Peter Campus (USA), Adam Lockhart, Marilene Oliver, Brendan Dawes (UK), Chris Meigh Andrews (UK) and Mary Lucier (USA).

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