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exDox Feature 01 - Sopheak Sao

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    exDox - experimental documentary film festival, , DE

exDox - experimental documentary film festival

is a new festival format in the context of
Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards (CAMIA)
http://camia.mediaartcologne.org -
the new umbrella for all activities around art & moving images directed and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.

The focus is less directed to cinematic,
but rather artistic approaches to "documentary",
thus the point of view and the rules are different.

exDox - experimental documentary film festival
is based on an existing collection of documentaries - by realising a new festival edition, the selected works become part and expand the collection this way.

Like other festival formats of Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards, also exDox is based on a dual festival system, consisting of two components which complement each other,
the physical screenings and exhibitions juxtoposed with the virtual presence online streaming simultaneously.

These days, the 1st exDox festival edition was launched online on http://exdox01.newmediafest.org
including 52 artistic types of documentaries with a running time between 1 minute and 45 minutes - list of selected works -

Also exDox is part of the nomadic festival project
//CologneOFF 2012/2013 - art & moving images in a global context\\

The physical screenings started already with the previews in Phnom Penh (July 2012) and Kansk (August 2012) and the launch in different steps
@ Busho - Budapest Shortfilm Festival (September 2012), Museum Extresa Arte Actual Mexico City (October 2012) and more to come.

Simultaneously, exDox launched a special program series - "exDox Features" - the first edition (Sept/Oct 2012) is featuring two documentaries by
the Cambodian filmmaker - Sopheak Sao - in collaboration with META House Phnom Penh
"Survivor" - a film portraying a survivor of the Cambodian genocide 1975-1979 -
"Two Girls against the Rain" - a film portraying a lesbian couple who overcame the Cambodian genocide and all conventions.
This feature can be found online on http://exdox01.newmediafest.org

Cologne Art & Moving Images Awards
exDox - experimental documentary film festival

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