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Cao Chang Di Road On November 24, 2009 I Stood There Waiting & other new videos by Alexander Hahn

  • Location:
    Harvestworks, 596 Broadway # 602, New York, Manhattan, New York, 10003

Alex Hahn presents four new video installations, two of them premieres (5:1 surround sound HD video projection Cao Chang Di Road and Anamorphoses - Max Matthews (animated cylindrical anamorphosis that conjures up the late computer music pioneer)) plus two HD monitor pieces (On and Public Places - Private Strangers - Temporal Attractions).
The works explore the intersections between technology, human interaction, and memory. Shot in various places, ranging from New York to Beijing, his digitally altered videos reveal the sublime nature of even the most ordinary scenes.

September 14 - 16, 3 - 7 pm
Admission: Free