Stop & Go 3-D

  • Location:
    Studio Quercus, 385 26th Street, Oakland, California, 94610, US

Stop & Go 3-D features a new series of stop-motion animations from around the world. The program dramatically plays with our visual senses through the artist's use of strobing effects, afterimages, anaglyphic experiments, optical elements and three-dimensional spoofs. Four of the animations in the program require the audience to wear red/cyan-colored glasses to fully engage with the work. This is the third installment of the Stop & Go program which was developed in 2008 to showcase animations that use stop-motion techniques.

Animations in the Stop & Go 3-D screening are by Santiago Caicedo de Roux, David Daniels, Iemke van Dijk, Joey Fauerso, José Heerkens, Gilbert Hsiao, Kalle Johansson & Bendik Kaltenborn, Sarah Klein & David Kwan, Abbey Luck & Sean Donnelly, Jodie Mack, Brian McClave, Claudia Molitor & Gavin Peacock, Kate Nartker, Mel Prest & Andrew Kleindolph, Johan Rijpma, Albert Roskam, Tal Rosner, Jennifer Schmidt, Molly Schwartz, Wade Shotter & Yukfoo Animation, Jeanne Stern and Mark de Weijer.