Cyposium - an online symposium on cyberformance

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The CyPosium invites cyberformance artists, researchers and inter­ested par­tic­i­pants to share and discuss past online performances:

What dif­fer­ent kind of events hap­pened? What did they make pos­si­ble? What was spe­cial about the event? Why were things done in a cer­tain way and what were the results?

Just like cyberformance, everything will happen online, in real time; all you need to participate is a standard web browser and broadband internet connection.
A time schedule, bios of the presenters and abstracts of their presentation are available at


Maria Chatzichristodoulou
Auriea Har­vey and Michaël Samyn
Alan Sondheim
Mil­jana Perić
Stephen A. Schrum
Joseph DeLappe
Adriene Jenik
Roger Mills
Maja Delak and Luka Prinčić

Friday 12 October, from 3pm UK time (time converters on the web site)

The cyposium is organised by Annie Abrahams, Christina Papagiannouli, Francesco Buonaiuto, Helen Varley Jamieson, Katarina DJ Urosevic, Martin Eisenbarth, Nathalie Fougeras, Suzon Fuks and Vicki Smith.

Annie Abrahams Oct. 12 2012 07:56Reply

Join us today for the first online only Cyposium!

12 hours of interesting talks and discussions around past cyberformance performances.

All you need is a stan­dard web browser with the Flash player plu­gin and broad­band inter­net con­nec­tion.
Go to the website and click “ENTER” at the cor­rect time to enter the pre­sen­ta­tion you want to attend.

I hope to see you there!