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Arduino Workshop

  • Location:
    Hack Manhattan, 137 W 14th St, New York, NY, New York, 10011, US

Arduino is a prototyping platform for physical computing and the easiest way to get started building robots, remote controlled vehicles, lighting control, games, internet enabled sensors and many other projects that bridge the gap between computers and the physical world.

At the Arduino Workshop at Hack Manhattan, we assume no electronics or programming experience (although it’s a plus and you would make faster progress with some), and start with the very basics of how to connect the Arduino and blink an LED. We will then make the Arduino accept a variety of inputs such as pushbuttons and light sensors, and move on to motor control. The workshop will end with a robot hackathon where participants will form teams and compete to build the most awesome robot.

$150 without parts kit, $205 with parts kit (includes Arduino and sensors, motors and other components)

The workshop is taught by Robert Diamond, who has previously taught Arduino workshops at Alpha One Labs, assisted by a group of experienced Hack Manhattan members.

Hack Manhattan is a public hackerspace in Lower Manhattan dedicated to technology, science and art, Members work on electronics, machining, robotics, wearables, beekeping, and many other projects. Our weekly open house is Tuesday at 7:30pm.