"AUTOMATA - Electric Picnic"

  • Location:
    Dublin, BLOCK-T, Dublin, IE

"AUTOMATA - Electric Picnic", curated by Grace McEvoy at BLOCK-T Dublin.
BLOCK-T will be transforming the late night forest area of the Picnic into a labyrinth of geometrica! themed visuals and installations. Picture giant illuminating screens hung from trees and floating shapes that come alive with light.
l n stark contrast to the organic forest forms, the geometrica l theme wiIl keep with the spirit of the Algorhythm stage set up, which will be entirely built from giant cubes which pulse with coloured lights.

BLOCK T have invited Slipdraft, a Live Visuals and Stage Design collective, to take over the forest floor wh ile the screens wi Il be featuri ng work by internet artists from around the world curated by BLOCK T's Visual Arts
Co-ord inator, Grace McEvoy.

Featured artists are:
a bill miller, Adam Cruces, Alan Butler, Chiara Passa, Chris Collins, Chris Timms, Dylan Fisher, Eilis McDonald, Emilie Gervais, Emilio Gomariz, Eva Papamargariti, Francoise Gamma, Georges Jacotey, Giselle Zatonyl, Haruko Hirukawa, lsaac Hickss, Joe Hamilton, +Juan Manuel Morales, Lorna Mills, Manuel Fernández, Michael Manning, Nora O Murchu, Paul Flannery, Rea McNamara, Rodell Warner, Rollin Leonard, Sarah Weis, Stephanie Davidson, Daniel Rehn, Sarah Caluag and Yoshi Sodeoka.