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Marc Lee: Empty-Pot in the POT

  • Location:
    POT, Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 27, Kassel, Hesse, 34117, DE

Exhibition, presentation, work, play or walk
三十輻共一轂,當其無,有車之用. 埏埴以為器,當其無,有器之用. 鑿戶牖以為
室,當其無,有室之用. 故有之以為利,無之以為用.

Going to a different Country, Culture and People and see what’s happening in the present.

Equipped with basic transportable media devices like radio transmitter, GPS locator, Smartphone, Min-Projector, Mini-Cam, Laptop, Marc Lee will explore artistic strategies within the field of processional and networked art. In this experimental project, a site specific work will be developed, with the use of new medias which is showing their impact on our daily life driven by media technologies.

Marc will be presenting his research and work in progress on Saturday

Marc Lee