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E.S.P. TV #20 Live Taping

  • Location:
    La Sala, 58 North 3rd St. , Brooklyn, New York, New York, 11201, US

UUMANS w/ dancers Jessica Cook and Caitlin Marz

plus videos by Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Jeanne Liotta, Geoffrey Pugen, Jason Martin, Alexandra Velasco and more TBA


E.S.P. TV is a nomadic showcase of primarily NYC-based experimental music, video art and performance formed out of Louis V E.S.P. and produced for Manhattan Neighborhood Network television. In the summer of 2012, E.S.P. TV will open a new space for production of the show, development of the E.S.P. LAB project, and a regular schedule of performances, screenings and special events.

Tapings of E.S.P. TV are in front of an audience with live green-screening, signal manipulation and analog video mixing. The entire night is recorded to VHS and edited into half hour episodes for airing on cable TV in New York City. After airing, the episodes are posted online at www.esptvnyc.com for later viewing.

To see performing artists on E.S.P. TV visit our site: www.esptvnyc.com

Shows have been taped in various locations including Present Company, The Schoolhouse, 285 Kent and Roulette (Brooklyn, NY), Liminal Space (Oakland), Queens Nails Projects (San Francisco), Millennium Film Workshop (New York City) as a part of INDEX Festival, and General Public (Berlin).