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Music for Flesh and Xth Sense Biophysical Open Hardware, FILE festival Sao Paulo

  • Location:
    Teatro SESI-SP, Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BR

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a cordial invitation.

FILE Festival presents a concert for Biophysical Music and a workshop on the Xth Sense in Sao Paulo with Marco Donnarumma.
FILE online: http://bit.ly/LtqO1S

~~ Concert
19th July
H. 20.40
Teatro SESI-SP, Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo.

- Music for Flesh II
- Nascent

Two diverse works in which the performer's muscular fibres produces sounds that resonate the audience tympanic membrane.
Biophysical music is a term I coined to define sound that is a direct result of joint biological and physical body mechanisms.



~~ Workshop
20th July
SESI-SP, Av. Paulista, Sao Paulo

- Xth Sense. Build your own biophysical open hardware, reclaim your body and let it sound.

The Xth Sense (XS) is a biophysical musical instrument. With the sound of your muscles you can produce music, and control any software applications.
The XS is free and open source, and it was named the “world’s most innovative new musical instrument” by the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology (US, 2012).
You can build your own with £10, hack it or modify it. No need of APIs and such. Just make it.


hope some of you can make it there tonight.
best wishes,