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SoundFjord's 2nd Birthday + V22 Closing Celebrations Pt I: Carousel Collective + Material Studies Group: Matthias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley

  • Location:
    Sound//Space @ V22 Summer Club, The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clement's Road, London, SE16 4DG, GB

29 July: SoundFjord's 2nd Birthday + Sound//Space Closing Celebrations Part I: Carousel Collective + Material Studies Group: Matthias Kispert, Blanca Regina, Andrew Riley
Pt 1: 4-7pm | (S//S Project Space + F3 Main space) | wegottickets.com/event/168336 pt 1

Part One: Material Studies Group + Carousel Collective

SOUND//SPACE celebrates its last day at V22 Summer Club with an extended session of improvised music and merriment in its Project Space, the Cinema Space and across the F3 Hall. Join the Material Studies group for a session on utilising the body within improvised music making or watch Carousel Collectiveperform an aleatoric set.

Artists Biographies: Carousel is a collective of four musicians interested in exploring the possibilities of sound and music in new and imaginative ways. Formed after a commission from the SoundFjord sound-art gallery to create a performance using an ‘object-based score’, we have continued to explore this area of performance and to extend it into collaborations and contexts that force us to explore sound materials in a new way. Continuing to focus on object-based sound sources and home-made instruments combined with traditional instruments, we aim to collaborate with artists from as wide a variety of backgrounds and disciplines as possible and to explore the core materials of music from varied perspectives and in many different contexts. Carousel is Noura Sanatian, Charlie Sdrausig, Benedict Taylor and Tim Yates.

Matthias Kispert is an electronic music composer and artist living in London. His broad range of interests includes audiovisual live performance, composition with found sound, documentary as artistic medium, as well as the relations between artistic practice and wider cultural and social issues. As audio director of media artist collective D-Fuse, he is responsible for the sound aspect and also the conceptual development of much of the group’s work, including videos, installations and live cinema performances.

Blanca Regina is a multimedia artist and visiting researcher from the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid. She is at the CCW Graduate School, University of the Arts London for four months (Apr – Sept 2012). Her research interests are cross-media communication, digital humanities, sound art, performing arts, improvisation, visual, theatre studies and education. Blanca is engaged in audiovisual performance art. She works under different persona in solo and collective works with artists such as Toño Camuñas, John Hegre, The Lappetites, Matthias Kispert among others. She is one of the founding members of the Spanish association Mademotion. Action researcher and teacher she engaged with educational projects like Audiovisual Academy, Cátedra Josefina de la Torre (Canarias) and videoframesh (Medialab Prado, Madrid).

Andrew Riley is an award-winning sound designer and editor, and a phonographer and recording engineer based in London. He has experience working across a range of formats and is fascinated by all aspects of sound creation and experimentation, not just in the studio but extending into the world beyond with a well developed yet ever expanding field recording technique. He is Technical Director at SoundFjord, the UK’s only sound art devoted gallery and research unit