SoundFjord's 2nd Birthday + V22 Closing Celebrations Pt II: Aural Terrains Sextet: Thanos Chrysakis, Jamie Coleman, Chris Cundy, Jamies O’Sullivan, Jerry Wigens and Artur Vidal The Biscuit Factory

  • Location:
    Sound//Space @ V22 Summer Club, The Old Biscuit Factory, 100 Clement's Road, London, N15 4ER, GB

29 July: SoundFjord's 2nd Birthday Celebrations Pt 2
Aural Terrains Sextet
Part 2: 7:30-9pm | V22 Summer Club pt 2

SOUND//SPACE celebrates its last day at V22 Summer Club with an extended session of improvised music and merriment in its Project Space, and across the F3 Hall.

Part Two: Aural Terrains Sextet

This evening’s closing performance showcases Aural Terrain's sextet.

Label Biography: AURAL TERRAINS label started in 2007 as a platform for like-minded composers/musicians who work with the different terrains and depths of sound with rigour and integrity. The aim was – and still is – to disseminate exploratory contemporary music in its different manifestations. It focuses on electroacoustics, composed and improvised music with an emphasis to the spectral dimension of sound.


Artists Biographies: Thanos Chrysakis’ output consists of composition, performance, and installation. He was born in Athens in 1971, residing in the UK since 1998. His work has appeared on various independent labels, and events in several countries. He composes for electronics, acoustic instruments and environmental sounds, focusing on the structural and aesthetic capacity of sonic matter. His work was amongst the selected works at the International Competition de Musique et d'Art Sonore Electroacoustiques de Bourges 2005, in the category œuvre d'art sonore électroacoustique, while received an honorary mention in 2006 at the 7th International Electroacoustic Competition Musica Viva in Lisbon. Recent compositions include: ΜΑΓΜΑ (Monochrome Vision 2011) Subterranean Sky (Aural Terrains 2010), EIRMOS I / II (for Wilfrido Terrazas [solo flute/bass flute] 2011), ERRINA (for Alexander Bruck [solo viola] 2011). His current performing projects are: a Trio with Wade Matthews and Dario Bernal-Villegas, a duo with Wade Matthews, and the trio ‘Syneuma’ with James O’Sullivan and Jerry Wigens.

Jamie Coleman is one of the younger generation of London improvisers and has been a key player within the more experimental strands of the music, whilst maintaining a strong jazz musicality. "Coleman's slow trumpet lines had a tenderness that evoked more physical kinds of intimacy. The trumpet became breath, warmth, vibration in a way that got the skin prickling, the senses suddenly sharpened." - The Wire

Chris Cundy is a bass clarinettist and saxophonist living in South West England and London working with a broad range of composers, musicians and songwriters. During his formative years he shared a house with self-made musician and artist Billy Childish, and as a teenager became a street busker. It was in this initial DIY environ that he first established a fascination for improvised music. His collaborations with musicians/composers are varied, but perhaps most significantly has been his work with Fyfe Dangerfield which includes the pop band Guillemots as well as devising theatre music for Voices Theatre and Southwark Playhouse, and in the collective free improvisation group Gannets along with drummer Steve Noble, clarinettist Alex Ward and bassist Dominic Lash. Current projects include ‘doom soul’ act Cold Specks, led by Canadian singer Al Spx, and he has occasionally created music for Nofit State Circus under the direction of Italian choreographer Firenza Guidi.

James O'Sullivan is a London-based electric guitar player. He has performed in numerous groupings of musicians, many of whom he met through Eddie Prevost's weekly improvisational workshop. In addition, he is the founder, alongside longtime friend and collaborator David Hurn, of Four Seasons Television, which explores the relationship between improvisation, composition, recording and performance. His activities span the two poles from free improvisation to more 'composed' song forms. He has collaborated with songwriters, improvisors, improvising songwriters and other permutations of these elements in an attempt to unpack ideas of terms such as 'free', 'composed', 'technique', 'melody', 'noise', 'rhythm' and 'improvise'.

Jerry Wigens is an improviser and composer who plays guitar and clarinet. Most of his musical activity has taken place in London although he has also performed in Zurich, Geneva, Berlin and Athens. His interest in improvisation started at an early age and he attended John Stevens' workshops at the age of nineteen. Since then he has worked in various musical contexts including rock, jazz and contemporary classical and has performed with Eddie Prevost, George Lewis, Sylvia Hallett and Walter Cardew, among many others. He has also had work performed by guitarist Alan Thomas and contemporary ensemble Vamos. He has studied with Roger Redgate and participates in Eddie Prévost's workshop sessions, which he has occasionally convened in Prévost's absence. He also plays guitar in prog/improv band Astrakan.

Artur Vidal was born in León, Spain, and grew up in Paris, where he completed his degree in Art History at the University of Paris I Sorbonne. His musical studies include workshops and courses with Francisco López, Lê Quan Ninh, Fred Frith and Eddie Prevost, with on-site work in Capadoccia, the Amazon, Paris and Trièves, among others. His sound-art work revolves around field recordings, dance, “site-specific” works and improvised music, for which he is currently developing a new setup involving electro-acoustic manipulation of the alto saxophone and amplified objects. He has performed in many countries including performances with his duo, ‘Relentless’, and collaborations with musicians such as Ingar Zach, Wade Matthews, Thanos Chrysakis and Alexander Bruck, among others.