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Film at the intersection of art & documentary

  • Location:
    S1 ARTSPACE, 118 - 120 Trafalgar Street, Sheffield, Yorkshire, S1 4JT, GB

Sheffield Fringe
14th - 16th June 2012

S1 ARTSPACE, First Floor, 118-120 Trafalgar Street, Sheffield S1 4JT, UK.
THE VOID CINEMA, Sheffield Hallam University, 123 Owen Building, Howard Street, Sheffield S1 1WB, UK.

Download Programme (PDF): www.sheffieldfringe.com

Filmmaking at the intersection of art and documentary practice is fertile ground on which to examine direct critical engagements with philosophy and theory. No longer relegated to the margins of experimental film as genre, these debates have entered the ‘mainstream.’

This year’s programme includes Esther Johnson’s Yorkshire strand - enigmatically titled Chemistry of Incidence, and a strand by Los Angeles Filmforum‘s Adam Hyman, collating rare 16mm archival observational films, some of which have never before been seen in the UK.
Regardless of the Questions Asked is a series of works grouped by Minou Norouzi with a declared intention to capture, arrest and move.
Finally LUX’s Gil Leung presents a strand moodily titled All Smiles and Sadness, featuring Duncan Campbell, Anne McGuire and Philip Hoffman. In it she examines the value of uncertainty, questioning how we reach a state of certainty, why we care and how we act.

Artists: Sarah Beddington, Phillip Hoffman, Duncan Campbell, The House of O’Dwyer, Jayne Wilson, Pascual Sisto, Steve Hawley, Laura Kraning, Erin Newell, Alice Bradshaw, Martijn Hendriks, Julie Westerman, Miles Umney, Fred Lindberg, Simon Warner, William Hale, Christiane Thalmann, John Vicario, Gabrielle Le Bayon, Valentina Ferrandes, Bruno Ramos, Alexandra Cuesta, Gary Beydler, and Anne McGuire.

All screenings are held at S1 Artspace & The Void Cinema in Sheffield and are free to the public. There will be discussions and curators talks, with some of the artists and curators present.