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Talking in string

Dear friends,

I'm glad to share with you my generative video installation "Talking in string", time variable.

Best regards, Chiara

"Talking in string" is a generative video installation inspired by the 'Rotor', famous Luna Park rotating carousel. "Talking in string"
develops into a cylindrical space around the audience that create the installation itself in real time by sending text messages via Twitter.
Also the not present public on site can participate as well by sending messages by their remote Internet locations. The sentences run a
recording system are displayed immediately – The texts speedily rotate around the space, changing direction, color, font, and some of them
ramble in absence of gravity - The generated phrases, dissolving and wrapping themselves around disoriented people who are watching as texts become 'strings', no longer readable. These ‘strings’ slowly disappear as light’s bundles surrounding the body of the spectators like colored trails left by comets or as if we were inside of Newton’s disk.
Video preview: http://www.chiarapassa.it/videoenglish.html Images: http://www.chiarapassa.it/talkinginstring.html

Chiara Passa - new media artist
http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chiara_Passa (Ita)
G+ https://plus.google.com/u/0/111456718123673932501/about