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Improvise Combustion

  • Location:
    154 Smart Clothes, 164 Suffolk Street, New York City, Lower East Side, New York, 10002, US

Improvise Combustion is a show concept to liken the visual medium to a group jazz ensemble. For this particular session, soloists perform as a single form or band unit, an opportunity for the artists to re-unite and re-ignite collaborative connections. There is no head or tail but rather like an organic landscape, a sound-scape and visual-scape that embraces and connects to create and unfold a story of improvising magicians unleashing and expressing for the sake of creating. The end result is a story of atoms colliding and energy bursting, creating chaotical in the midst of controlled expressions, ultimately, an 'Improvise Combustion'.

This show is about unity, society and true collaboration among old friends from different parts of the world. Some are friends from childhood, having a connection of shared experiences and roots that run deep, but only separated by physical proximity and time. Despite a decade of collaborating, somehow in all this time, this particular group has never individually fully connected to concert a single collaborative show concept, until now.