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Call for participation: Compact-Impact Night vol. 4 - GAMES

  • Deadline:
    April 1, 2005, midnight

Call for participation: Compact-Impact Night vol. 4 - GAMES

Submission deadline: February 17, 2005
Exhibition dates: April 1-3, 2005

Location: Compact-Impact, located at 21 Avenue B (between 2nd and 3rd st.), New York, NY 10009
Tel: 212.677.0500
Web: http://compactimpact.com

Compact-Impact Night (CIN) is a notorious new media and design exhibition that promotes the latest ideas and creations in technology, and places them in the design and technology store Compact-Impact for public viewing.

The idea behind the CIN project is to encourage new media artists, designers and technologists to create works beyond the prototyping phase and to give them an outlet for presenting their works to the public; be it art, installation, interior design, product design, space design, web, toys, video manipulation, games, or music.
Compact-Impact has an established technology and design presence in New York for over three years. The CIN project, in the production of Doron and the help of Kiho and Yoshimi, the owners of Compact-Impact, aims at bridging the gap between concept and production by displaying artworks in a retail environment.

The Theme of the coming CIN is Games. By ‘games’ we mean small-scale computer games, Internet-based games, technology oriented toys, electronic gadgets, installation-based games, etc. We will accept all formats of games, in the conditions that they are new media based and are retail oriented. We also welcome all kinds of Prototypes.

Please consider the following factors in your work:

* Exhibition space - Artists are encouraged to visit Compact-Impact during store hours for a closer look.

*The works should be “self contained” as much as possible. The gallery can provide only limited technical assistance:
2 LCD projectors
4 PC’s
9 Flat screen VGA/RCA flat screen monitors
Wireless Web connection
Limited audio and video equipment
Other Special needs could be considered, please use the application form for detailed requests.

Application form

Name of artist(s):
Name of project:
Cell phone:
Home phone:

Biographical information:

Artist Statement:

Samples of most current and related work:
(This can include: images, media samples, DVD, CD, on-line etc.)

Proposed project:
(This should include: Concept/Context/Use of Technology)

Requirements/Instructions on the Installation and Operation of the Work

Along with your application form please provide relevant material, such as CD, DVD, DV tapes, slides, press releases, printed materials, relevant web links.

Once completed, please send your application form as well as materials to:
Compact Impact
Attn: Doron Altaratz - CIN #4
New York, NY 10009

Applications should be post marked no later than February 17, 2005.

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please email doron@compactimpact.com.

The opening night event will take place on Friday, April 1, 2005. The exhibition will go on throughout the weekend, until Sunday, April 3, 2005.

An on-line website, describing the works and artists will be available as part of the exhibition.

Producer and curator, Doron Altaratz (VJ SPuTNiK): Born and raised in Israel, he has a background in photography, video art and live video. He recently graduated from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). Currently Doron is working as a motion designer and a Visual Jockey in New York (http://vjsputnik.com).