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Live Sound Processing Strategies

  • Location:
    Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, 596 Broadway, #602, New York, New York, 10012, US

"Live Sound Processing" is used to alter and affect the sounds of other instruments in performance, which in turn becomes its own unique voice in the musical process. Addressing the electroacoustic environment of the performance space allows for a site-specific version of the piece through a complex sampling and spatialization process. While the difference between live sound processing and other electronic music practices has perplexed the audiences in the past, these days the role of the live sound processor is much more understood. With faster laptops and more widespread use and availability of classic live sound processing as plugins, these techniques have gradually become more acceptable, and in some music genres practically expected. Both performers and audiences have become more savvy about the techniques and sounds.

This evening will be to explore and discuss various live sound processing strategies through performance, lecture and presentation, and gives participants a foundation for developing their own work. The lecture/presentation will be taught by Dafna Naphtali, who uses live sound processing in her work since 1995, and will start with a performance by a trio that also includes Robert Dick (flutes) and Satoshi Takeishi (percussion).

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