"People" New Opening Exhibition

  • Location:
    ADC Contemporary & Building Bridges International Art Exchange, 2525 Michigan Ave. F2 , Santa Monica , California, 90404, US

Two artists-Two solo exhibitions
Opening Reception: May 12th, 2012 6:30pm

Main Gallery: Eduardo Cetner
Project Room 1: Francesca Bifulco Project Room 2: Sound Installation Alex Schetter

ADC Contemporary & Building Bridges International Art Exchange presents “People”, sponsored by the
Consulate General of Argentina in Los Angeles, the Argentine American Cultural Foundation (AACF) and the Italian Cultural Institute in Los Angeles. The exhibition “People”, through paintings and sound installation, will allude to the historic past and trigger the reflexion about the present. It will represent and enhance the theme with the concept of multitude, solitude and immigration that each artist express in through their body of work.

Eduardo Cetner: Born in 1956 in Buenos Aires. He has lived in France, Spain and now resides in Argentina. He has been exhibiting his work in many galleries and museums and have received awards like The Constantini Prize at the National Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1999, The First Prize
Exposition “Ejercito del Aire”, Moncloa Cultural Center in Madrid, Spain in 2001, The First Prize in painting at the Fortabat in the National Museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1999. From 2007 until now, he participates in Arte BA, represented by International Gallery Rubbers.
“In the light with his half tones, in the colours, in the relation that are set up between the images, in the game of mirrors
(that the artist uses in some of the naked) we find that affectionate way that the painting offers. Therefore the realism has its mysteries like the best ones could show.”Fermin Fevre

Francesca Bifulco: Born in 1986 in Southern Italy. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Academy of Costume and Desgin in Rome where she studied special effects, costume and design. In this exhibition, emerging artist Francesca Bifulco will present her new body of work THE CROWD. This body of work is a sort of an obsession, a passion, and an attraction towards such intrinsic human blocks. A lot of different lives put together in stand-by as a single mass. The crowd takes possession and control
of the painting space, until choking the space itself. It is a horror vacui. The crowd moves, acts and unites
as of under the control of an abstract leadership.