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Papier Francais-Opening night

  • Location:
    The Poetry Club Artspace, 317 Putnam Ave. , Broklyn, NY, New York, 11216, US

A Stack of Papers has been couriered from Paris to the Poetry Club!
These contained the self portraits of more than a dozen artist currently living in France. Come sift through these papers, with a glass of wine in hand.
(Backyard will be open to enjoy this amazing weather)

Musical Performances by Sofia Bolt's Amelie Rousseaux - http://sofiabolt.com/
Visual Art by Renaud Bargues, Benjamin Blaquart, Camille Cier, Patrick Dahn, Pierre Fahys, Camille Gautier, Harrison Gorman, Elizabeth Hayley, Clara Hautecoeur, Paul Maheke, Rima Maroun, Leslie McAllister, Dorothy Shoes, Jason Stoneking, Lou Svahn, Marc Tassell, Mehran Zirak

Curated by Kate Kornberg / organized by Carolina Zamora
Flyer design by Jack Foley

RSVP on our facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/273097542777402/