Manuel Fernández. Two Hundred and Sixteen Colors

  • Location:
    Galería Adriana Suárez, C/ La Merced, nº11., Gijón, Asturias, ES

Galería Adriana Suárez presents Two Hundred and Sixteen Colors, a social intervention project in the online medium by spanish artist Manuel Fernández.

From the date of its launch on October 3, 2011 has had the participation of more tan 1,000 users from around the world.

Two hundred and sixteen colors is a visual project articulated through social participation in Internet.

Draws a parallel between the modernist grid and the system of representation of digital images by pixels, explores the possibilities of social participation as a generator of abstract meaning through the study of the interaction of color, in a mass exquisite corpse way.

The project uses a secure web color palette of 8 bits which consists of 216 colors, the color system's native browser.

Users contribute with content in the same way they do leave a comment on a social network, or writing on a blog, creating the different parts of the series.

To do so, an online application was created:

The users provide content in the same way they do by leaving a comment on a social networking or blogging, creating the different pieces of the project.

With the information gathered by the application have been produced:

- A series of large format digital paintings.
- An interactive video-projection monitoring real-time user involvement.
- A series of prints.
- A book object that contains the code of the platform.

The show can be seen in the new gallery space of Adriana Suarez, C / La Merced, No.11. Gijón. Opening: Thursday 12 April at 20:00 h. From 12 April to 12 May 2012.