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Stand By: Service Announcement - New platform online in April

Sorry for any crosspostings:


The most loyal among our readers will have surely noticed something was going on. For several weeks the publication of articles and updates on the Digicult portal, as well as our activities on social networks, have interrupted their schedule.

The reason is simple: we are working on the new platform!

A brand new website, developed and improved on the graphic aspects, but especially when navigating the huge amount of content that have been created in this significant adventure that has lasted 6 long years.

An operation that has been wondering in the air for several months now, daughter of constantly more urgent editorial needs and the determination to offer our readers an always better cultural tool, continuosly updating, according to the dictates of Web 2.0. This is a project that may be an important reference point for professionals, critics, curators, artists, designers, researchers and enthusiasts.

For this reason a beautiful chapter closes, leaving space to open another, again, that will take shape in the coming month of April. The reasons that lead us to develop what, in our intention is a quantum leap, are essentially linked to the desire to give birth to a cultural project, definitelly more complex and qualitatively better than what has been produced until now.

This happens always with strong independence from institutions and private investors. A project that we like to call "cultural activism", innervated permanently within the international circuit. A project that soon will require your help.

With the publication of the English version of Digimag n. 72 of March, our monthly magazine will go on standby.

The contents of the classic magazine (interviews, reports and theoretical studies) will become part of the portal Digicult, which will always be produced by our network of authors and with the contributions of a real editorial structure. To this will be added the usual news, reports on books and theoretical texts, professional calls, a range of Self Publishing services and editorial collaborations that will increase the cultural proposal of Digicult.

The main intention is to transform Digimag in a Journal, with real call for papers, to follow directly from our Board, open to the entire global community of "media studies". A new publishing project, on a quarterly basis, with an even larger capacity.

Without forgetting the usual curatorial consulting, communication and agency activities. In fact, gradually we will start again the collaboration with artists and professionals in the Network, promoting their work within the international circuit of festivals, media centers, galleries and cultural spaces that Digicult has been able to create in the course of these last, rich years.

We ask you to be patient for a little while. If we are silent, it is to be then much noisier than before. Let's wait for us….

Marco Mancuso
Executive Director