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Hyperdentity - A New Work by Georgie Roxby Smith

  • Location:
    New Low, Basement, 746 Swanston St (enter via Lynch St), Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, AU



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Your video invitation is http://vimeo.com/37358167

Opening night 6 – 8.30pm Tuesday 6th March 2012

New Low, Goodtime Studios,
746 Swanston St Carlton VIC 3053.
Enter via Lynch Lane.Runs from 12 – 6pm
Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th March 2012 or by appointment, call 0415152067

From now on humankind will have to act in two worlds at once” (Marie Louise Angerer, The Making of …Desire, Digital)

As a digital generation we seek instant gratification through constant communication across a multitude of platforms. The social networks of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other virtual worlds all provide outlets for us to reinvent the self through the screen. These networks are innately rich in social currency, and where there is social currency simultaneously there is a high value placed on identity and persona, resulting in a desire to create the perfect fantasised self. In the multilayered material space of the cyberworld our ‘avatars’ concurrently hide and reveal aspects of the inner. All it takes to disappear is a mouse click and we are left with an identity crisis of digital proportions.In Hyperdentity, the lines between identity and role-play blur as the artist constructs and melds performances in a perpetual process of cleverly editing the “I”. These multiple self-portraits can create the illusion of transcending the body, as they enter and entertain the cyber world, seeming to self-importantly existing everywhere at once. Through the use of audio-visual projected, digital and screen based media installations, Georgie employs techniques of repetition and difference to create layers of mirroring and deconstruction, ultimately rendering a visual and aural chorus on the subject of the self within a contemporary, digital context.

Georgie Roxby Smith
Georgie Roxby Smith is an Australian visual artist working across a range of disciplines exploring new pathways between virtual and physical worlds. She received a Bachelor of Media Arts from Deakin University in 2004. Her graduate studies include a Post Graduate Diploma in Visual Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts. In 2010, Georgie developed her multi disciplinary work ‘Reality Bytes’ at The Watermill Center Spring Residency Program in New York and presented the work at Rearview Gallery in Melbourne Australia as well as exhibiting at several local galleries and public screens. Georgie was also part of Linden Centre for Contemporary Art Innovators Program 2010 and Melbourne International Arts Festival including ‘Navigators’ 2006 (for which she received the Eldon and Anne Foote Trust Travel Grant), ‘John Cage’s Musicircus’ 2007 and, in 2008, contributed to ‘Longing Belonging Land’ on opening night and assisted artist Chris Doyle (US) with his ‘Ecstatic City’ installation. Recent awards and grants include Nellie Castan Award, Australian Postgraduate Award, Creative Research Activity Grant, Ian Potter Cultural Trust 2010, Artstart Australia Council for the Arts 2009 and Dame Joan Sutherland Fund 2009.