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FLASHFL00D at little berlin

  • Location:
    little berlin, 2430 Coral Street , Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19125, US

FLASH FL00D is a semi-secretive mass public exhibition of rapidly-distributed hidden flash drives containing downloadable exhibitions.

Curatorial members of Little Berlin along with other Philadelphia galleries, collectives, artists, hackers and members of the public have been invited to embed USB flash drives known as ‘dead drops’ (deaddrops.com) in public locations such as walls, phone booths and staircases.

A full and complete listing of the artists and collectives involved will be exhibited at Little Berlin’s exhibition space at the Viking Mills building in Philadelphia.

Throughout the month of March, Little Berlin will be holding related programs including performances, glitch symposia, a DIY dead drop-building workshop and BYOBeamer Philly (byobworldwide.com)