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Brenna Murphy ~hieromesh~trance`scribr~~>

  • Location:
    Gloria Maria Gallery, Via Watt 32, Milan, Milan, 20143, IT


Brenna Murphy

Opening reception, Thursday, March 1st, 7 - 9 pm
Exhibition: March 2 – April 15, 2011

Gloria Maria Gallery is excited to present new works by Portland artist Brenna Murphy. Her first solo show in Italy revolves around the presence of nature and digital imagery, a cross-disciplinary installation with video, sound, sculpture and performance.

For the occasion, Brenna Murphy invited singer and poet Nour Mobarak to perform together an improvised Memory Theater.

In both her physical work and vibrating Web page pieces, Murphy organizes collected everyday detritus into grids of repeating patterns.
In the large, undulating, web-based grids, the assembled images vary in depth and perspective.
Some frames vibrate while others contain short looped gif animations. Rendered shadows and contours add texture and dimension to these compositions, which could not exist outside of the confines of the computer screen.
Each element retains an incredible level of detail while also blurring, even literally, real source imagery with digital alterations and truncated environments.

In Brenna’s works we can perceive somehow the metaphysics of Leibniz, where the universe is thought to be composed of fundamental units, which he called “monads” and each one reflects back the entire universe.
We can think of Brenna’s works as having within them code detailing not only their own characteristics and their personal past and future, but also their relationship with all the other works in the artist’s universe of creation and physical perception.

*Brenna Murphy (b. 1986) works with physical and digital materials to map labyrinthian spirit shapes. She also performs and crafts interactive electronic installations as a member of the five-person art collective Oregon Painting Society and duo MSHR along with partner Birch Cooper.
Murphy holds a BFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She currently lives and works in Portland, OR.
Recent exhibitions of her work include at The Future Gallery, Berlin; MSHR at Le Dictateur, Milan; Oregon Painting Society at “No Soul for Sale”, Tate Modern, London UK; "VPAP FOR PIFA" at Ben Franklin Sculpture Parkway, Philadelphia Art Museum; "Info-Bomb" at Festival Nrmal, Monterrey, Mexico; "Video Village" at Index Art Center, Newark, NJ; "The New Psychedelica", curated by Francesca Gavin at MU Eindhoven, Netherlands. Upcoming exhibitions at Klaus von Nichtssagend gallery, curated by Duncan Malashock, in New York; "Big Reality" group show, curated by Brian Droitcour, at 319 Scholes in New York and MSHR at Appendix Gallery, Portland OR.

The opening of ~hieromesh~trance`scribr~~> will be streaming live from the gallery on thursday, March 1st, 7 - 9 pm CET


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