Open Studio, Horatio Goni - Priscilla Tea

  • Location:
    Galleria Fac-Simile, Via Morigi, 8, Milan, 20123, IT

Fac-simile gallery is a space meant as art-project, whose boundaries go beyond the solo exhibition, moving toward the studio concept. This post industrial environment, dated 1924, interesting for its dimensions, proportions and lit up from three skylights, since its early beginning in 1984, hosted several projects which made these factors as possible plastic elements and tools of work.

As a permanent aspect of the exhibitions, a direct relationship arises, between the art works displayed or the idea and the space itself, meaning that each exhibition changes the space, without, nevertheless overlapping it, or the contrary. This remains applicable to painting exhibitions, performances as well as to castings or installations.

Open Studio presents the works of Horatio Goni and Priscilla Tea, who since a couple of months are sharing the spaces of the gallery. It is about two different groups of works, introducing an idea in common: the screen, digital or cinematographic, layers and painting levels impacting both the works format and the concept of space within these screens (canvas), changing the spatiality within the painting.

The idea beneath Open Studio underlines the transition phase which the gallery is facing. Fac-simile will go forth without a physical space next, but with a new geometry of specific places already identified involving the three cities of Rome, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires.

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