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Dare2Draw at MoCCA: “Up-and-Coming Artists”

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    The Museum of Comic Book Art (MoCCA), 594 Broadway, Suite 401 (betw. Houston and Prince) New York, NY 10012, New York, New York, 10012, US

[text=center]“Up-and-Coming Artists” at the next Dare2Draw[/text]

The Museum of Comic Book Art (MoCCA) will be hosting “Up-and-Coming Artists” at the next Dare2Draw, on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. $10 cover
MoCCA: 594 Broadway, Suite 401 (betw. Houston and Prince), New York, NY 10012

The awesome “Batman Exhibit”, currently on the MoCCA walls, done by some of the best artists in the business, will inspire us all.

For Immediate Release
New York City – 1/30/2012 — Big City Dare2Draw and Museum of Comic Book Art (MoCCA) are pleased to announce Dare2Draw at MoCCA, with up-and-coming talent Josh Adams, Liza Biggers, Jennifer Crute, Giovanni Valletta and Klaus Shmidheiser, who will be drawing and sharing some thoughts about their experiences as professionals, finding their niche. Our talented special guests will give us the inside scoop. We’re thrilled to have these very talented artists talking with our always engaging Dare2Draw host, TJ Glenn, “the Urban Swashbuckler”.

Featuring 90 minutes of dynamic figure drawing, with live-action models & props and our signature Dare2Draw “Quick Draw” Contests, with all art done on Blue Line Pro boards. Prizes provided by our sponsors.

The Dare2Draw is a mentoring and networking platform for all artists, an opportunity to connect each other, face-to-face. Established artists and arts organizations meet in a supportive setting, putting the art back in sequential art. There are contests and prizes, with a fun and engaging game show vibe. We’ll continue to showcase new artists to keep an eye out for!

About Big City Dare2Draw
BCD2D’s main mission is to help provide networking, mentoring and promoting opportunities, for artists of all levels, while raising money for artists in need, with the art done by our guests.
Our growing popular community-based cartoonist group returns monthly, at great locations around NYC. Stay connected — get on the mailing list for the latest updates on upcoming demos, panels, contests and prizes.

About MoCCA
The purpose of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is the collection, preservation, study, education, and display of comic and cartoon art.
The main goal of the museum is to educate the public about comic and cartoon art, how it is crafted, and how it reflects history. What does the art tell us about the time period that it was created in? How does it stand the test of time? What First Amendment issues regarding content come into play? How does censorship determine what is (and isn't) published?

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