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Hye Yeon Nam Presents: Touching Anomaly

  • Location:
    3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11237, US

Hye Yeon Nam Presents: Touching Anomaly

Friday, January 20, 2011
195 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 7-9:30pm
FREE Admission

Skeletons will wave. Guns will shoot silent discomfort. Tongues will move cars. This is the delightful and surprising work of new media artist, Hye Yeon Nam, who combines technology and engineering with her personal history as a Korean immigrant. Touching Anomaly is a collection of interactive installations and video that uses and repurposes cameras, computers, motors and more to explore social interactions and cultural norms.

In Please Smile, five robotic skeleton arms elicits and manipulates human emotions by reacting to your facial expressions. Wonderland simulates the feelings of displacement and disorientation through an alarmingly unusual walk through Times Square. Polite Art is a wall of 480 motorized miniature men that bow when people approach, representing the bewildered and curious reactions that occur when cultures meet.

In Self-Portrait, the artist brings us into a world where simple activities like eating, drinking, and sitting become agonizingly difficult. Kiss Controller gives emotional weight to video game by allowing users to control a racecar by tongue kissing (breath mints will be provided).

Hye Yeon Nam has shown her work all around the world, from Sao Paolo to Copenhagen to Istanbul. Domestically, her work has appeared at Eyebeam, the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, and in a Times Square screening curated by Isabella Rossellini.

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