Big City Dare2Draw:FACE2FACE

  • Location:
    Cfan, 417 W 57th St, Bet 9 & 10 Ave., New York, New York, 10019, US

[text=center][text=center]Saturday, January 7th, 2012:
Dare2Draw: FACE2FACE
Where artists, students & fans can meet FACE2FACE
1 to 7 PM, at 417 W 57th St, Bet 9 & 10 Ave., NY, NY 10019

At the Dare2Draw: FACE2FACE, artists will be selling prints and books and doing commissions. Come meet fans and artists and participate in the Dare2Draw “Quick Draw Contests”. We’ll have models, mentoring, contests and prizes and a chance to meet local artists working in comic books and fine arts. Good for all ages.
Admission $7, Kids $5 Families $20

By artists, for artists! Get involved — support and help grow our community. Together we’re stronger.

Coat check and snacks available.