SERIES:THE NUDE Call for participation

  • Deadline:
    Feb. 28, 2005, midnight

Call for participation


Until February, the 28th of 2005

Thank you to send us your netart/videoart projects by email
Only the works using technologies (interactivity, generativity, network,
etc.) will be selected.



The Nude is a well-known exercise of the artistic process. It helps the
studend built a relationship between various styles of strokes and the
human anatomy, the scientific norm.

Although nudity has evolved over the ages, it will always be a symptom
of our ambivalent relation to images, halfway between the purity of the
body and the downfall of it, whether this downfall be tattered canvas or
in the ground.

But what is the nude hiding? What lies between what can and can't be
seen? For example in works such as: "The Origin of the World" (Courbet,
1866) and "Etant donnes: 1. La chute d'eau, 2. Le gaz d'eclairage"
(Duchamp, 1946-1966), we find an interstice, a fissure where the world
finds its origin, its sexuality.

The sensuality of the nude is an esthetical concern, which can only be
grasped from a distance. An eye touched by a body becomes blind.

At first sight, it seems that in this age we have standardised nudity,
however, obscenity is still present in female bodies. Clothed and hidden
they forbid men's blind gazes.

If art is to lay bare one's body and soul, if its role is both to veil
and unveil in a single gesture, where is our nudity today? What is a
nude when a body can be cloned and nano-technologies penetrate our
flesh? And what relates a generalised nudity and the other form of
bareness, which is dictated by the aesthetic?


Merci pour votre participation!