Dérive @ Expériences Numériques

  • Location:
    Salle des Rancy, 249 rue Vendôme, Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, 69003, FR

Dérive is a networked interactive installation that invites the
public to explore 3D models of urban spaces that are transformed
according to environmental data collected in real time on the Web. Presented at Salle des Rancy in Lyon on November 11th and 12th 2011, this version includes 3D point clouds of cities in France (Orleans and Lyon), Canada (Sherbrooke and Montreal) and USA (New York) that were realized by the use of photogrammetry and geomatic data. A video tracking interface enables the public to interact with a large scale projection.

[EN] http://www.francois-quevillon.com/html/en/node/200
[FR] http://www.francois-quevillon.com/html/node/199