NoTube Contest 2011

IOCOSE proudly presents The NoTube Contest 2011
The NoTube Contest comes back in its third edition on a renewed format.Sharing, tweeting, liking and +1ing now play, along with your vote, asignificant role. It is now more “X-Factor meets Web2.0”, althoughthis time the LESS voted videos will be shortlisted.The NoTube Contest requires its participants to find the lessvaluable video on YouTubeWhen considering a video, the participant should make sure there is clearly
1)No reason to make it
2)No reason to publish it
3)No reason to watch it
The NoTube videos should have no value whatsoever!This means: no funny videos, no narratives, no video art, no views, nolinks, no keywords. Also, the NoTube Contest does not award videomakers.The NoTube Contest is about exploiting the YouTube search engine andfinding, in its meanders, what was not supposed to be found.

The winner of the NoTube Contest 2011 will be the sole proprietor of IOCOSE's“1-view video” (2011)a 24 hours long celebration streamed and recorded for the winner only.Go on
Submit your video, vote and share, but remember… only the LESS votedwill be shortlisted!You have time until the 20th November 2011.
The shortlist will be evaluated by the special jury, composed by:
Constant Dullaart
Geoff Cox
Marisa Olson