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  • Location:
    Bishop's Square, Spitalfields, Brushfield Street, London, GB

The European Public Art Centre - EPAC (http://epacpublic.eu) is a collaborative engagement between organisations across Europe focusing on intersections between art, science and society. It consists of eight outdoor exhibition spaces established in participating countries that include Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Poland, UK and Iceland to establish the first ever Europe-wide contemporary art venue.

Now in its second phase of the EPAC programme, artworks rotate between participating countries. In London, the Portuguese artist António Caramelo will present his artwork DREAMING OF A BUTTERFLY (http://epac2.co.uk). By interactively utilising surrounding sound, the work produces an illusion of living butterflies inside the box.

Caramelo’s exhibition follows on from award-winning UK artist Anne Brodie’s BEE BOX (http://epac.c-lab.co.uk) currently on show in Helsinki, Finland.

This public art exhibition is co-ordinated by C-LAB (http://c-lab.co.uk) and its venue partner Spitalfields (www.spitalfields.co.uk).

Contact: C-LAB info@c-lab.co.uk