Launch: New Work "Seduction" + Relaunch "N00sphere Playground"

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My 2008 Second Life interactive sound installation "N00sphere Playground" is being relaunched on the Japanese sim Amatsu as part of the Japanese annual festival between 15 October and 13 November in Second Life.  In conjunction, a new work "Seduction" is also being launched on the same sim.
"N00sphere Playground" was commissioned by TaggingArt in Copenhagen as part of Virtual Moves exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark.  Since then it has been permanently installed on HUMlab sim hosted by Umeå University in Sweden.  Now the work is re-installed on Amatsu sim for the festival, together with my new work "Seduction."
"Seduction" is a new SL installation that contains interactive sound objects.  As the visitors interact with them, they leave their traces behind.  As in "N00sphere Playground," avatars' interactions with the sound objects create subtle nuances in sound composition, from silence to various volumes, each time different in its polyphonies.
More info on the works can be found here:
The two works are linked for the festival (from "N00sphere Playground" to "Seduction") but can also be visited separately:

"N00sphere Playground":