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October 11, 2011 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm EST
Hi everyone,
In the spirit of Occupy Wall Street and the General Assembly, we have no guests this week – or really we are all guests. This week we are asking people from cities who are or want to be involved in the wider #occupy movement to connect with us and each other, share strategies, reports and ideas. We would like to consider, among other things, how creative culture is playing or can play a part in this movement – what we can contribute and what we can learn. How are plausible artworlds formed or forming around and through occupation?
The most practical example we would like to consider is how distribution systems – electronic or otherwise – that have been supporting Occupy Wall Street, are beginning to support otheroccupations, have supported occupations in the past and might support the future of occupations.
Possibly relevant to the discussion are the following
The Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT), a group who developed Virtual-Sit-In technologies in 1998 in solidarity with the Zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico
Transborder Immigrant Tool, a GPS cellphone safety net tool for crossing the Mexico/U.S border
Low Lives, an international exhibition of live performance-based works transmitted via the internet and projected in real time at multiple venues
Freenode, an IRC network used to discuss peer-directed projects as well as politics Fosscon, the Free and Open Source Software Conference
Basekamp’s weekly potluck chat and Plausible Artworlds
The Public School and AAAARG.org
Daisy Chain, inspired by Low Lives, an internet-based collaborative system of performances
Play, a free, open-source distribution system for video
If you want to contribute, Join us this Tuesday
Add your voice on Skype (skypename: ‘basekamp’)
Or join in person if you happen to be in Philadelphia, THIS WEEK we’ll be broadcasting at City Hall for Occupy Philadelphia, at the Tech Tent powerd by solar panels!
If you prefer text chat, we are also on IRC (on Tuesday and before): http://basekamp.com/irc
See you all then!
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