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ecoarttech - Nature 2.0: Art, Media and Environment

  • Location:
    Hyperallergic: 181 N 11th Street, #302,, Brooklyn, NYC, New York, US

Leila Nadir and Cary Peppermint founded the ecoarttech collaborative in
2005 to explore environmental issues and convergent media and
technologies. They will be at Hyperallergic HQ on Thursday, October 13
at 7:30pm to discuss Nature 2.0: Convergent Ecologies of Art, Media,
and Environment.
This presentation will explore many crucial questions during our times, including most importantly “What does it mean to be a modern ecological being amidst a proliferation of networked environments — biological systems, global cultural exchanges, international commerce, industrial grids, digital networks and the World Wide Web?” This is the central question motivating art duo ecoarttech.
They understand the “eco” in eco-art to refer not only to nature and built environments but also to mobile spaces, such as highways and
subway trains, and “virtual” places created by digital media.
Ecoarttech’s work merges the primitive with emergent technologies, exploring how we relate to space, place, environment and new media at
the same time. What motivates ecoarttech’s work is not any particular “green” political issue but rather a sort of artistic-philosophical exploration of how modernization and new technologies have shaped how we think about and experience the “environment” — both personally and globally.