100 Survivors

The 100 Survivors participants, artist Julia Kim Smith, and Linked by Air have created an elegant, web-based monument to women with breast cancer. Be part of it and honor 100 Survivors: visit the site and Like, +1, Tweet, Join, Follow!
100 Survivors is a collaborative, web-based photo and video project for women currently in treatment for breast cancer or diagnosed in the past three years. Shooting from a list of 12 tags, participants share photos, videos, and stories. By featuring up to 100 women and their work, 100 Survivors hopes to inform and inspire by looking beyond "awareness" and "supporting the cause" and focusing on the experiences of actual women with breast cancer. Unique perspectives on breast cancer and identity are welcome and encouraged.
Toni Killefer: 1. my face (daily) Copyright 2011 Toni Killefer, 100 Survivors