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AudioKino Film Screening | Sound Aspects of Material Elements: John Grzinich

  • Location:
    Apiary Studios, 585 Hackney Road, London, England, E2 9EG, GB

AudioKino (Sound Focused Cinema):
Sound Aspects of Material Elements - John Grzinich
Sunday 02 October | 8pm start 
Apiary Studios | 585 Hackney Road | E2 9EG
£4 suggested donation | BYOB
Further info: 
www.soundfjord.org/eventsperformance.htm www.maaheli.ee/main/archives/1419
AudioKino: The AudioKino project presents work in which film, video and sound meet: In 2011, SoundFjord, the UK’s only gallery and research unit devoted to sound art, began in earnest to present an ongoing series of film and video works under the banner 'AudioKino' (SoundCinema): a platform to interrogate the nexus between sound and image (its concept and articulation) within cinema and new media practices.
Taking place in a variety of venues including art house cinemas, galleries and living rooms, AudioKino is an ongoing dialogue between cinematic and private space, and audience; and conceptual impetus and technology. Through this programme, SoundFjord endeavours to present adventures in ‘audiocentric’ cinema – a journey through objectivity and abstraction, documentary, fiction and everything in between. And at every step, paying particular interest to sound and score.
About the Film: Sound Aspects of Material Elements reveals how our sense of hearing can use non-linguistic signals to communicate, interpret and build relations to the world around us. Using sound as the primary signifer, the film shows a specific approach to the artistic use of sound, covering a three-year period of the authors personal research and collaborations with a number of close colleagues. The film documents in-situ processes of exploration and sonification of the landscape along with the numerous objects and structures found there.
About the Artist: John Grzinich (b.1970) has been working with sound as an artistic medium since the early 1990s. He lives and works in Estonia with MoKS a non-proft artist run space.