Dérive @ Espace [im] média

  • Location:
    Outdoor interactive projection near Sherbrooke's Marché de la Gare, 720 Place de la Gare, Sherbrooke, Québec, J1H 0E9, CA

Presented during Sherbrooke's Espace [im] média festival, François Quévillon's Dérive is a networked interactive installation that invites the
public to explore 3D models of urban spaces that are transformed
according to environmental data collected in real time on the Web. This
first version of the installation presents 3D point clouds of Orleans
(France), New York (USA), Sherbrooke and Montreal (Quebec, Canada) that were realized by the use of photogrammetry and geomatic data. A video tracking interface enables the public to interact with a 13' x 22' outdoor projection.


In a time where the reality of urban territories hybridizes with
the digital world, the installation uses fluctuating data
provided by the network to translate the development of meteorological
and astronomical phenomena affecting these cities at the moment of the public's experience. Connecting the actual and the virtual, Dérive inquires the phenomenology of mixed realities and probes into the changing nature of our perception and representation of the world.


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