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Design Camp CAFKA

  • Location:
    Kitchener City Hall, 200 King St. W., Kitchener, Ontario, CA

Registrants meet in the
Rotunda at Kitchener City Hall. Maximum
participants: 20. Pre-registration required.
to our urban playground called Design Camp.  Whiting Design is a small architectural and industrial
design firm and four times a year, we take a day to solve a problem. This year,
our Design Camp 103 will be with CAFKA. We're also partnering with Machteld
Faas Xander, who are offering their space, gear, and problem solving minds to
the mix. Design camp is run by architects, but it's not FOR architects. Through
Design Camp we will be pushing the boundaries of design to see what such spaces
can do for our city. Registration is limited to 20 lucky campers. If you would
like to join us, email cafka@cafka.org your name, your email address,
and three sentences telling us why you want to register. Selected participants
will be contacted and we'll let you know what to pack! Registration deadline
Mon. Sept. 26.