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Lichtenberg Plazas – A Dedication

  • Location:
    Lichtenberg Studios, Tuchollaplatz, Berlin, Viktoriaviertel, Berlin, 10317, DE

late museum night in berlin
lichtenberger stadtplätze — eine zueignung
lichtenberg plazas — a dedication
aktion von
klaus w. eisenlohr und johann zeitler
On Tuchollaplatz, Berlin-Lichtenberg
Saturday, 27—8—2011
17:00 &mdash 23:00
in front of Stadthaus Lichtenberg, Türrschmidtstr. 24
10317 Berlin, Viktoriaviertel
S-Nöldnerplatz oder S-Ostkreuz
Lichtenberg Plazas — A Dedication
As highlight during their residency at Lichtenberg Studios, the artists
Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler will present the performance
"Lichtenberg Plazas — A Dedication".
The artists have spent a week researching urban places in
Lichtenberg-Hohenschönhausen, a district of Berlin. For their final
presentation and performance, the artists will dedicate each of the
eight benches on Tuchollaplatz, the plaza in front of Stadthaus
Lichtenberg/ Lichtenberg Studios to another selected square in the
district. On this occasion, the benches will be newly painted and
decorated with a digital image series of the respective square.
Henceforth, the two artists claim to be members of the Tom Sawyer City
Beautification Organisation.
Relating to the event and the painting of the benches, the artists have
made the following public announcement: "We, the representatives of the
Tom Sawyer City Beautification Organisation, own the exclusive
permission to paint the benches in red color. We will not, under any
circumstances, allow anybody else to take over this most responsible
job. No visitors, no friends, no members of the audience will be allowed
to help. Moreover, do not even think of trying to paint a whole bench
by yourself! Any bribes, gifts or money given will not change our mind,
not withstanding how badly you wish to help with the painting!"
The planned festive dedication — that anybody can be part of — will
create a virtual mapping of the eight selected squares of
During their artists-in-residency, the two artists have undertaken a
photographical research on eight public plazas in the district. As in
past projects, the artists aim to emphasize the necessity of public
space, and to discuss the realities, perceptions and imaginations of
public spaces. During the intervention, which makes use of the Tom
Sawyer Principle (of fence painting), the benches of Tuchollaplatz will
be repainted, and with the use of digital images references to other
squares in the district will be made.
The public performance is part of the Lichtenberg Studios' presentations
during "Lange Nacht der Museen" (Late Museum Night in Berlin).
Check out Tom Sawyer Prinziple: