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Anne Brodie's BEE BOX

  • Location:
    Bishop's Square, Spitalfields, Brushfield Street, LONDON, E1 6AA, GB

C-LAB is delighted to announce the first public art exhibition held simultaneously across eight countries in Europe focusing on the relations between art, science and society with support from the European Commission as part of the launch of the European Public Art Centre (EPAC). As the UK representative, award-winning artist, Anne Brodie, will present her artwork, ‘BEE BOX’, for the first time.
The ‘BEE BOX’ reminds us of the invisible disappearances of our pollinators.  Bees, like us, form communities of workers capable of generating intelligent social interactions. Brodie offers a poetic reflection on the fragility of these communities.

Download official press release (pdf)

Curators: Howard Boland & Laura Cinti of C-LAB
Press: Contact C-LAB info@c-lab.co.uk