videoart: CologneOFF VII - now online for preview

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    Beirut, Budapest, Riga,

Friday, 26 August 2011
Cologne International Videoart Festival
Today it is so far,
desperately expected - now available for preview online
CologneOFF VII - Art & the City -
the 7th festival edition in sequence -
to be officially launched on 31 August 2001
on occasion of the opening of CologneOFF VII in Beirut/Lebanon
Art & the City
Standing under the motto of "art & the city", CologneOFF VII will represent the hightlight of all until now realised festival editions. More than 150 single channel films and videos by 120 artists/directors packed in 12 thematic compilations around "art & the city" represent a magnificent manifestation of a specific hybrid type of video art, which can be celebrated in different presentation formats.
more info about the selected film and videos—>
The 7th festival edition is the most comprehenive one so far, and it’s also the first time, that a festival edition is simultaneously launched online and in physical space on three different venues - Beirut/Lebanon- Budapest/Hungary and Riga/Latvia.
But CologneOFF VII is not standing alone, but will become the 2nd column of the nomadic festival project "CologneOFF 2011/ 2012 - videoart in global context" and will extend and enrich it profoundly.
The venues - Beirut- Budapest - Riga
CologneOFF 2011 Beirut
is a cooperation with Shams - The Sunflower Beirut/Lebanon
31 Aug - 3 September 2011
learn more about this Lebanese art center on netMAXX —>
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CologneOFF 2011 Budapest
is a collaboration with
BuSho - Budapest International Shortfilm Festival
1-5 September 2011
learn more about this festival on netMAXX —>
CologneOFF 2011 - Baltic Sea V - Riga
is a collaboration with the cultural organisation NOASS and
Waterpieces Contemporary and Video Art Festival Riga/Latvia
8-10 September 2011
learn more about NOASS on netMAXX —>
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The catalogues
On occasion of this collaboration in the framework of the series of CologneOFF 2011 manifestations in countries around the Baltic Sea, a special catalogue has been released for Riga as an additional venue, which can be downloaded as PDF for free
On occasion of CologneOFF VII online and offline launch, a catalogue has been released which can be downloaded as PDF for free —>
CologneOFF VII - Art & the City
is a coproduction of
Cologne International Videoart Festival
Le Musee - divisioniste
–> the new museum of networked art
the curatorial initiative
"art & moving images"
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