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Gary DiBenedetto: Sweat Equity Performance

  • Location:
    AC Institute, 547 W. 27th St. #610, New York, New York, 10001, US

Doors open at 7pm
Peformance begins at 7:30pm

Admission: $20

Sweat Equity (Performance)
DiBenedetto has developed a performance to accompany his interactive installation. Sweat Equity expresses outrage over the negative impact of capitalist exploitation as a means of production. With an increasing globalized economy accompanied by ravenous consumption of natural resources, will we lose an opportunity to recognize the futility of capitalist pursuit and the need to change our direction and gain respect for the preservation of human dignity?

Sweat Equity is a non verbal staged performance where dancers operate kinetic sculptures. Each sculpture is a machine that generates sound. Each dancer’s relationship to their sculpture becomes increasingly complex. Tension is exemplified during a sequence of three acts. Each act presents changes in the actor’s physical appearance and operating procedures. An electroacoustic composition unfolds, increasing tension and directing the dancer’s actions.