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Art-O-Matic Call for Entries

  • Deadline:
    Nov. 6, 2004, midnight

Seeking: Digital Art for exhibition
Deadline: November 6, 2004 (but please register ASAP)
Website: http://www.artomatic.org

Artomatic is Washington, D.C.'s favorite art, music, theater, poetry, dance, and film extravaganza.

More than 1,000 area artists, writers, and performers will transform an exciting space at 800 3rd St. NE into an open showcase for thousands of works, hundreds of performances, and dozens of educational presentations and discussions.

Artomatic shows have drawn 20,000 to 50,000 visitors, who come to look, absorb, question, and identify what they like from this community of artists. The shared discovery between the audience and artist is what makes Artomatic unique and rewarding for all. There's something for everyone! The event is held November 12,2004 through December 5, 2004.

Art-O-Matic is seeking entries of Digi-Multimedia artwork!


Eligibility: Digi-Multimedia artwork must reside on the computer's hard drive (not a website or a CD-ROM) and be browser playable. It must involve the essential use of the computer as a means of expression and/or interactivity (please, no commercial work).

If the work is interactive, consider providing instructions on the HTML page.

Specs: Work should be accessible through an HTML page and must be compatible with Internet Explorer (on Mac).

List of plug-ins: Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Shockwave, Apple QuickTime, Real Video, Real Audio, HTML, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Windows Media, JPEG, and GIF. For digital video, the maximum screen size is 640x480. Please use only standard compressors such as MPEG for video.

If your work is longer than 15 minutes, submit it to Artomatic Film/Video in VHS format.

We want to exhibit your work! Email digital@artomatic.org if you have questions.

The Artomatic DigiMM Arts Committee reserves the right to play the digital arts content anywhere within the context of Artomatic 2004 (i.e., Film screen, Website etc.) Illegal and/or obscene digital work will not be accepted.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: E-mail preferred, 5 mgs or less, or a PC readable CD. We may have Internet access. Please do not send links to webpages. We do not have Internet access at the exhibition site (for now.)


•Your contact information.
•Title of your work:
•Brief description: (Is your work interactive? Interactive work must use Internet Explorer)
•Type of plug-in:
•If your work is made of more than one HTML page, indicate the name of the start page.

Exhibition commitment:

$ 10.00 check payable to Artomatic 2004 or electronically through PayPal.

Postmark/email deadline: November 6, 2004

Contact us at digital@artomatic.org directions on sending your CD.


Artists and encouraged to develop special events using our equipment. If you’re interested in offering an Artists Talk or have an idea Email: Brian Judy at digital@artomatic.org

Events under consideration:
digiMM Artists Talks, Open Player Nite (bring new work or work in progress.
InterActive Nite: Bring your favorite interactive and play.
Hands-on-nite: Learn about Digi-Multimedia