Facs of Life - a film between Gilles Deleuze and his students

  • Location:
    Anthology Film Archives , 32 Second Avenue, New York, New York, 10003, US

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32 Second Avenue New York, NY 10003
Screening of Facs of Life  8.45 PM

From rescued video archives to the woods of Vincennes, once a hotbed of radical teaching, 'Facs of Life' sets off in search of stray lines of
thought, fragile crystallizations of desire, between Gilles Deleuze and
a number of his former students.

"Something as intangible as what 'Facs of Life' is chasing could have
not been reached by any other way than the use of collage, the mixture
of elements of varied nature. In the center of all that lies Gilles
Deleuze’s impressive work and figure. There’s video footage of his
courses at the Vincennes University and images of the forests that
surrounded the institution back when it was still standing, as well as
the places where he used to walk. Places, words, sounds: they’re clues
and markings left in a subtle way but still remain intact in the
people, as well as in his writings and archives. As in a horror film,
his ghost lurks through every scene, invisible yet present, refusing to
be caught. The result is surprisingly powerful, and reaches a
homogeneity that controls every component, placing them where they seem to have always belonged."
(BAFICI Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival - Catalogue 2010)