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14:46 Time Stood Still: Music/Fundraiser (Japan's Earthquake Relief)

  • Location:
    Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG, GB

14:46 Time Stood Still
An Extraordinary Music Event and
Fundraiser for Japan's Earthquake Relief.
On 9th July 2011 from 8pm to 2am, Ryoko Akama, Kaffe Matthews, SoundFjord and the Apiary Studios welcome you all to a very special event, a music extravaganza that stretches continents, in the form of live and streamed performances by artists in Tohoku, Japan and London, UK. Scrumptious home-made fare and delicious Japanese beverages will be served throughout the evening.

The event is named 14:46 Time Stood Still, after the local time the earthquake hit Japan. When everything changed.

The '14:46' event will kick of with conversation and live performances from the performers in Tohoku, Japan (via Ustream), a collaborative set with then link Tohoku directly to the UK, and Apiary Studios in East London. The rest of the evening is given over to live London performances and DJ sets, good food and drink. And best of all, whilst listening to extraordinary music, you'll be raising funds for an essential cause.

This evening is the brainchild of Ryoko Akama. UK events have been organised by Ryoko Akama, Kaffe Matthews, Tamer Karaman and SoundFjord; the Japanese events by Yukihiko Yotsukura. Poster design is by Yukihiro. 

8pm to 2am
Apiary Studios
458 hackney Road 
London E2 9EG 
£6 suggested donation

All funds raised will assist Japan's earthquake relief who deal closely with issues in Japan including:
Fumbaro Japan: www.fumbaro.org 
Greenpeace Japan: www.greenpeace.org/japan/ja 
[United Kingdom]
Clive Bell
Clive is a British Shakuhachi player who studied with the renown Shakuhachi player Kohachiro Miyata, one of today's greatest Japanese Shakuhachi masters. He regularly gives concerts and lecture demonstrations on Japanese music both as a soloist and as a duet with Rié Yanagasawa, who plays the koto, the shamisen, and sings. Bell is also a respected multi-instrumentalist, playing the khene, a large Thai bamboo mouth organ, and flutes from Bali, China, Thailand, and European, as well as the crumhorn and the accordion. He is a member of different groups, such as Kahondo Style and British SummerTime Ends and performs as a duo with guitarist Peter Cusack and Rié Yanagisawa. He also works with dance and theater groups and is a skilled improviser. ~ Bruno Deschênes 
Web: www.clivebell.co.uk 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/clivebellmusic 
presents 'Kekkon (A Fist and an Outstretched Palm)'
Loup (Dale Berning) is a French/South African artist and musician based in London. Since 2003, she has performed and exhibited in the UK, France, Germany, the US, Israel and Japan. She collaborate regularly with Hiraki Sawa, and has performed with artists including Tenniscoats, Umeda Tetsuya, John Chantler, Ute Kanngiesser, Nishikawa Bunsho, and Uchihashi Kazuhisa. She is represented by Take Ninagawa, Tokyo, and has releases on flaü records and Bo'Weavil Recordings.
Web: www.daleisloup.com 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/daleisloup 
Leafcutter John
John Burton has graced the planet with his remarkable contributions to electronic, folk and experimental music. Currently, John is working on a dance piece for the Brighton Festival and a graphic score piece to be performed by the London Sinfonietta. As well as making material for a sixth studio album. This year he will travel to Lithuania and Switzerland to make work. He is currently developing interactive electronic music instruments for use in performances which combine traditional instruments with varied and unexpected electronic twists.
Web: www.leafcutterjohn.com 
Youtube: www.youtube.com/leafcutter
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/leafcutterjohn 
Myspace: www.myspace.com/leafcutterjohn 
Ryoko Akama 
presents 'fold from 0' with Coupie/Jai in Tohoku, Japan (via Ustream)
Ryoko is a digital/acoustic music producer, video maker and singer. For 14:46, Ryoko will be performing work that utilises her memory and personal experiences of 3.11. The work features an audio performance and video projection with audience interactivity. The video component includes imagery from the process of creating origami and emotive clips from the reality of Japan's disaster - numerous buried coffins (typically, they are cremated in Japan), as well as scenes from her own home. 
Web: www10.plala.or.jp/ryokoakama
Myspace: www.myspace.com/ryokoakama
Blog: www.akamaryoko.wordpress.com 
Serafina Steer
Serafina, or Sefa, Steer was born in London. She has released two albums on Static Caravan; ‘Cheap Demo Bad Science’ (2006) and ‘change is good change is good’ (2010) and an EP ‘Public Spirited’ was made for a tour in Japan (2008) supporting Tara Jane O’Neil (ex Jackie O’Motherfucker). Mike Lindsey (tunng), Capitol K and Benge (aka ‘the synth king’) have, between them co-produced all of her releases to date. A new EP of harp songs was recorded in a day by Paul Jones and will appear on Stolen Recordings later this year. As well as harp, Serafina plays keyboards, synths and bass.
Web: www.serafinasteer.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/drumstreetsefa 
Coupie is a group composed of Yukki from Ishinomaki and Cobi from Sendai in Tohoku, Japan. Their music portrays the unique "atmosphere" of Tohoku district, evocating the tranquility of the countryside. They create their own pieces, selecting themes from the unfamiliar histories and culture of Tohoku district and Miyagi prefecture.
Web: www.ryoondo-tea.jp/artist/coupie_e.html 
Jai is named after "Jaiken calculation", Reverse-Simulation Music by Masahiro Miwa. It was used in Miwa's compositions. He uses Max/MSP and is a CCMC2009 prize winner.
Web: www.astrolabel.net/wp 
Is home to tranquil music, home-made fare and Japanese bar! 
Enjoy a cool drink with DJs: 
Capital K
Kristian Craig Robinson aka 'Capitol K' first emerged a decade ago at the forefront of the burgeoning electronic scene, releasing two groundbreaking electronic albums on Planet Mu, “Sounds Of The Empire” (1999) and “Island Row” (2000). His experiments with Lo-if Guitar Noise, Collage & found sound merged with strong Melodies and Falsetto Vocals lead to to the pioneering what the critics later called "Folktronica".
Web: www.capitolk.com/index.asp
Shintaro Taketani 
Shintaro Takenashi is a Japanese DJ/musician based in London.
Web: www.myspace.com/shintarotaketani
Justine Cal
Further info: info[@]SoundFjord.org.uk | www.SoundFjord.org